Monday, August 11, 2014

The Sultan and the Beggar pt 4.

Benjamin hung up the phone, apparently David found his new set of tapes not nearly as funny as the last batch. Two days before:
                The room smelled of urine as Benjamin entered. David was leaning over breathing in a high pitched squeal as the air fizzled out of his lungs. He had been laughing and was now trying to catch his breath.
                 "Something funny sir?" remarked Benjamin.
                "This-This is hilarious. Watch. Watch." David clicked the mouse on the computer screen that rewound the security recording of the foyer in his mansion. The image showed Christopher on the right side of the screen standing before the front door just as a woman in red knees him in the groin. Benjamin's eyes widened as a sickly lump formed in both his stomach & throat. David howled in laughter, clenching one arm around his waist as the other slapped the table. "That's fucking hilarious!" he roared.
"yes sir, indeed a knee slapper" Benjamin's dry throat forced out the words. If seeing the poor boy get assaulted by his ex-wife was this funny, Benjamin wondered how he would feel knowing the boy had his way with Danielle. Silently Benjamin blessed whatever god was in control that there were no security camera in the bedrooms. David's laughter subsided with a sigh as he wiped a tear from his eye.
                "Lunch is ready sir." Benjamin interrupted; his own eyes were beginning to tear up as the ammonia was ravaging his nostrils.
                "oh, ok. Save this, don't erase this, I will need a good laugh every now and then." David paused, "It's too bad I have a terrible poker face, otherwise I'd sue the bitch for assault with this evidence." David stood.       "You did good Bennie. The kid is back in his place then?"
                "I had him drugged as you insisted sir." replied Benjamin.
                David nodded as a huge smile took up most of his face and walked out of the office in his hotel suite.
                Benjamin shook his head as he looked at the frozen image of the boy lying on the ground in pain. "Poor kid" Benjamin felt a deep sorrow for Christopher as he knew the boy would be distraught if not at least confused at the whole encounter. When the boy had woken up in the mansion he was terribly lost, Benjamin had thought he was going to panic or hyperventilate.  Benjamin turned to leave the room himself before something else caught his eye, a figure in the top left corner of the screen. "Danielle" He sighed, and pressed play on the keyboard. As the scene played out Benjamin felt the lump in his stomach grow. He took a deep breath, pressed rewind, stopped just after the front door closed and clicked erase.

                Two days later Benjamin was cursing himself for not reviewing the tapes before handing them over. But he surely didn’t expect this to happen.

No, NO! That’s it! I’m done with this! He yelled. That kid’s gone far enough!  Fucking my slut assistant was pushing it but sleeping with my wife?! Bastard’s gone too far!  I’m ending this! David threw down his scotch and got up from his chair where he was watching the recorded video tapes of his house and office.  Down in the Lobby he dialed his butler at home. Bennie, get dressed and meet me at my house, I’m getting rid of that kid for good. No, that bastard slept with my wife. I can undo the damage he did to my company but sleeping with my wife, that’s my business and no one else’s.  He what!? The divorce is finalized? I’m gonna kill him! With that David hung up on Benjamin and hailed a taxi.

                During the ride to his house David had plenty of time to plot out his revenge on Christopher. “That punk is going to pay” David called Benjamin again. “Bennie are you here? Good I need you to get into the garage and get me a few items, don’t ask questions. I need you to get some rope and some duct tape. Yes, I’m going to make sure that bastard doesn’t ever touch another woman again. Hell I might even castrate him,” Heading towards his front door, punching in the codes for the alarm David carefully closed the door behind him, not wanting to alert the visitor that had worn out his welcome. David took the servant’s hidden hallway behind the stairs, through the kitchen and up a staircase that opened up into the hallway.  Taking a few steps he pushed in a wooden lever in the chair rail and popped open a secret door that lead into a secret room. Feeling the wall he ran his fingers across a couple of bumps and lifted out eyes belonging to the painting on the other side of the fake wall, leaving two peep holes.  David looked into the room searching for Christopher. He could hear moans. A woman’s cries and a man’s grunt, “Horny bastard is at it again, if it’s my wife I’ll just kill him now” David started feeling for the lever that would turn the fake wall into another door when he saw movement.  In the corner of the room on an easy chair a woman with brown hair was grinding her hips on the lap of what David assumed was Christopher.  “Well, at least he’ll live to experience his torture.”  David’s hand fell from the lever. The moaning from the next room was erotic and tingled David’s member.
                ”OH Chris, Oh Danielle!” The hot groaning, even the creaking of the chair were elements of a perfect porno. David decided to give himself a release since he had worked himself up so much. “Who knows, maybe it will help me shoot straight”, David whispered with a chuckle. He unbuckled his pants and reached for himself, stroking at the sight of Danielle’s ass spread across Christopher’s lap.
Christopher grabbed her ass and squeezed before picking her up. She stood while he pulled himself out. “Done already” David whimpered, as he watched Danielle turn around and bend over. “Shit, I didn’t know she liked that position.”  David had a full view of Danielle’s breasts as Christopher pumped her from behind. Bouncing and waving at him, David got harder as he stroked his cock. “Yea baby, when all of this is done I’m gonna fuck you from behind just like that, only harder.” 
                David watched as Christopher reached around and grabbed Danielle’s tits squeezing and pulling her up to stand. She lifted one leg up and rested it on the coffee table in front of her. He reached around placing one nipple in his mouth while his free hand reached down between her thighs and began stroking her wet lips below. Danielle moaned louder and louder, she screamed when his finger rolled over her clit. Over and over again, his finger ran back and forth bringing her to a climax as she threw her head back screaming and her legs squeezed together, hips thrusting. Christopher removed his other hand from her tit and grabbed her waist to keep her from falling over.  He removed the hand from her clit before she was finished, leaving her unsatisfied. He slapped her ass in mid air as she yelped. He did it again and again, smacking the clean skin making soft pink marks on her tush. With the last slap he rubbed her thigh and slid his hand back up her torso, massaging the breast that was overflowing in his hand. He leaned his head down kissing her neck, sucking, nibbling, bringing her to a new arousal. He placed her nipple back inside his mouth and sucked; she yelled as she became even wetter than before. Christopher slid his hand back down between her thighs and pinched her clitoris. Her yells became screams. He began rubbing, and rubbing again. Back and forth, across, around until Danielle squeezed his member with her vagina walls and erupted. “OH god I’m coming!!” OH! She screamed while Christopher thrusted his member inside allowing himself enough pleasure to come with his lover.
                Then there was silence. Silence that is, in the room that Christopher and Danielle were in. In the tiny hidden hallway there were muffled sounds emanating from David’s own climax. Danielle opened her mouth to compliment Christopher when he shushed her. Hearing the sounds coming from the wall he walked over to the gun cabinet and reached for a (gun size). Aiming it at the sound coming from the wall Christopher called out a warning.  “Come out whoever you are, I have a gun and I will shoot.”
                From behind the wall David begins zipping up his pants. “You little punk, you think you own this house? Well forget it, that’s my gun, and my bitch you’re screwing, and I’ll have you rotting behind bars before the night is over.”
                Christopher aims the gun, “No I think you’re mistaken this is my house, and my gun and this woman you just called a bitch is my lover.” Christopher takes a quick glance at Danielle, her face pale white with fear.” Now come out with your hands up. I’m sure there are doctors that can help you-“
                “You son of a bitch! I’m gonna kill you, you think you can come in here and just take whatever you want. David aims through the wall and pulls the trigger. The bullet flies between the two figures and hits the wall behind them. Christopher aims his gun and sees two moving eyes behind a painting, he pulls the trigger.

Tonight on 7 news, an unknown peeping tom was killed inside the home of CEO David Lawrence. He was discovered hidden inside a wall in the two million dollar mansion when David and his lover were getting ready for bed. The two reported that they heard a muffled sound coming from the wall.  When they confronted the sound they discovered there was a man and that he was hostile. The man then opened fire on the couple of which David returned fire to subdue the man. He was pronounced dead at the scene. David said he had no idea of the hidden passage ways that were built into his home but plans on reviewing and sharing the floor plans with the police to investigate as to how the offender got in without notice. The man was in his early to mid fifties and has yet to be identified.

In related news CEO David Lawrence has made some respectable changes to his company’s profile. Many of its current employees will be seeing raises before the end of the month, and it is rumored that David has a new project in mind that will require a whole new department and staff.  The companies’ CFO Mark Wallence states that, “While David’s change of heart is reminiscent of an overnight scrooge turn-around; we welcome the change with open arms.” Even his Ex-Wife wasn’t holding a grudge as they finalized their two year long divorce settlement on Tuesday.”   The company’s stock increased 12% in the last week.

“So they’re hiring.”
“Yes, indeed.”
“That’s good news.”
“Yes very good news, especially in this economy.”
“Definitely, well that’s all we have folks hope you have a good ni-“  Click

Danielle turned to Christopher.  “David, do you think you’ll ever get your memory back?” The look on her face was all concern, with perhaps a little dread. 
Christopher looked into her deep brown eyes, “If it meant losing you, I wouldn’t have any of it back.” He reached over cupped her breast and began kissing her neck as she giggled. “Oh, and do me a favor, call me Christopher. David is my middle name,”

Friday, August 8, 2014

Sudden Debt: The Merchant and the Jinni Part IV

Fahim did not let Behruz go back to Dubai alone. In fact, his childhood friend insisted they bring along two more of their tight brotherhood, Jamil and Khalid. The four of them played together as small boys and grew even closer as men. Behruz hated the idea of dragging them all into his troubles, but after Fahim told them about Amirah and her threats, they refused to be shut out. The guard escort had called his boss when they all showed for the plane ride back. After an extensive and very invasive search of their persons, they were allowed to accompany Behruz on the trip.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Tales of the Night Part Four

By the time Zach returned, I was rocking my hips, trying to get any pleasure from the silent vibrator as I could. He laughed and pulled out the remote, clicking it a couple times until the vibrator hit the high setting. I moaned and lay back on the pillow. Bliss, even if it wasn’t an orgasm, I was getting something. There had been no switching off the submissive mindset today, no need to take a moment to get back to it. No, now there was only me and Zach. My body ached with the idea of what he would do to me tonight. My mind had gone wild with ideas, but nothing had satisfied me.
Zach walked over to me and looked down. “Craving that were you?”
I nodded. “Mmm, yes, Sir.”
“On your hands and knees.” He demanded and it took everything in me to obey. I rolled over and lifted myself up. He walked away and came back, cuffs were attached to my ankles and I looked to find my feet held apart with a spreader bar. He did the same things with my hands.
A whistle came through the air and a crack echoed when the paddle hit my ass. I cried out, but he only continued, alternating cheeks. He stopped when I was gasping for air. His cold hand smoothed over my stinging skin. The vibrator continued to hum, taking away some of my attention on the pain. My mind tried to fight between the two, but couldn’t choose between the pleasure or the pain. I knew this battle well, it wouldn’t be long before my mind chose pleasure and I lost myself. The thought should have scared me…but there was no room for fear.
A snap made me jolt, and I looked up to find Zach with a whip. The noise was meant to scare, if he’d hit me with it at the speed it took to crack it, it would have split skin. He approached me and with expert motions lashed me with it. It stung, but I didn’t cry out. He continued, letting the tip of the whip kiss me.  By the end of it, I was panting and he kicked the vibrator up another notch. My mind started to become fuzzy. There was something I needed to worry about, something I needed to remember, but it was gone.
I moaned as Zach pawed at my breasts, tweaking and pulling the nipples. At some point he’d abandoned the whip and gone for the nipple clamps. He placed them on and I let out a weak whimper. Almost there… almost to that edge. He walked around me, stroking his cock, each time he passed my ass, he’d smack it. The vibrator hummed to me, beckoning me to that sweet release I wanted to so much.
His cum coated my back, and he went to his toy chest. Pulling out another vibrator, he knelt next to me, and cupped the toy in his hand and then over my clit.
“Come for me, pet. My voice, my command is the last thing you will hear.”
The orgasm crashed over me, taking my vision, my breath and my mind with it. I fell to my side, but he kept his hand clamped over my sex, the vibrations continued bring another crash of pleasure over me. My eyes closed as I rode it out and forgot about everything. I didn’t feel the binds, I didn’t feel his hand, nothing but the pleasure, the weightlessness as my body became numb to the orgasm. The vibrations disappeared and something crashed through the doors, voices screamed, but I didn’t hear the words. The pleasure was fading, but my mind was gone. Subspace. A beautiful place of floating and afterglow of a hard earned orgasm. Of making, Sir proud.
I opened my eyes to see Matt standing above me. The good feeling fled and the panic started to set in. Not good, I’d drop, I didn’t want to drop, I wanted to hold on to the bliss.
He knelt next to me and scurried to get the bonds off me and the harness off me. He tossed a blanket over me, and cupped my face.
I blinked at him a few times. Why did he sound so worried? Of course after the paddle and the whip, I’m sure my body looked horrible.
“Sadie?” He asked again and pulled the blanket around my shoulders as he helped me sit up. He looked over his shoulder. “I think she’s in shock.”
No, I wasn’t, but he didn’t need to know that. My eyes flickered up and I saw men forcing Zach out of the room. He was going to kill me, I needed to remember that. “I’m okay, Matt.” My voice was soft and I still wasn’t focusing right. I needed food, water, and to rest until I could get my head on straight.
I saw the doubt in his eyes and then he pulled me into a hug. “I’m sorry it took me so long. I had to lean on some people to get this raid. You did good.”

He praised me. I doubt he knew that’s what I needed, but it soothed some of that panic. I just let Matt hold me for a few minutes. Once I told him I was okay to move he insisted that I let the ambulance take me to the hospital, but I refused. I would write my report in the morning and then I would demand a vacation. The problem was, I felt my submissive self already craving Zach. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Sweep and the Noble Lady ~ Part III

Justin Cash stood outside the closed door to Coralee Montgomery’s bedroom and stared at the brass knob. An hour ago, Annabelle had tracked him down by the stables and insisted he follow her to the main house. He’d been sure he was about to get fired. Figuring Mr. Montgomery had caught him staring at his wife in a less than professional manner. It wasn’t like it was totally his fault. The mistress of the house like to parade around in those short skirts and curve hugging silk tops that caused any man with a pulse to stop and appreciate what God had gifted her with. That and to imagine just what was hidden under those clothes. Justin imagined it plenty. Every night when he’d closed his eyes he pictured Mrs. Montgomery spread out naked on his bed, all that lush, pale skin his for the taking. And man did he take. He took until she was screaming his name and begging for more.

Closing his eyes and letting out a long, shuddering breath, Justin forced the images away. It was not the time or the place for those thoughts. When he opened his eyes again, he glanced around the hall, just waiting for Jefferson to grab him by his shirt collar and drag him out of the house. Mr. Montgomery was no where to be found though, which meant his curiosity as to why he was there in the first place was rising. So was the knot in his stomach that still screamed at him that he was in hot water. Squaring his shoulders, ready for the battle that he was sure was about to take place, he turned the knob and stepped into the room.

The large master suite was dark, except for the flickering light coming from at least a dozen lit candles spread across the room. The French doors to the balcony were open, letting in the light from the full moon that threw shadows along the wall. The scene was surreal, especially given the sight of the female that stood with her back to him just inside those open doors.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, Justin took a couple steps closer to get a better look. His body hardened at the sight and his heart started to pound so hard he was sure it was echoing in the massive room. He should probably turn around and leave. There had to be a mistake. Maybe Anabelle meant for him to go to a different room.

Coralee Montgomery stood there, staring out into the night. Her long red hair cascaded down her back, looking so much like silk that his hand itched to reach out and stroke it. All that was covering her lush frame was a dark blue robe that hid nothing. The transparent material gave him an unobstructed view of every dip and curve. His eyes moved over her, and all he could think was that he wanted her to turn around so he could see all over her, and commit it to memory.

“Are you going to stand there all night, or our you going to come to me, Justin Cash?”

The soft, seductive voice moved through him like a siren’s call. Without realizing it, his feet started to move, bringing him closer to what had to be a dream. Because this couldn’t possibly be real. The female standing practically naked in front of him was part of his imagination working over time. That was it, he thought as he moved to stand behind her, the heat of her body so close now that it caused him to shudder almost violently. This was a dream.

“Do you not speak, darlin’?” Coralee’s hands moved behind her, finding his, bringing them to rest against her hips as she leaned back into him. “It’s a lovely night? Tell me something, Justin, do you know how to please a woman?”

Justin swallowed audibly when his hands closed over her soft, silk cover hips. Her question had his mind racing with thoughts of how he could please her. How he could make her scream and beg, and cum for him over and over again. When he spoke, his voice was hoarse.

“I’ve never had a complaint in that department, Mrs. Montgomery. Your husband might object to me being here though. Exactly why am I here?”
The hands the were covering his moved, taking his rough, callous palms on a journey over her ribs and further up until he was cupping her high, full breasts. She squeezed her hand over his, a moan escaping her lips. Letting her head fall back against his shoulder, she pressed further against his palm. He could feel her nipples harden beneath the thin barrier between them and he longed to take one of those tight peaks into his mouth and hear her make that noise again.
“Call me Coralee. And don’t worry about my husband. He is no concern of ours.” She squeezed her hands against his again, her body starting to move in the most sinful way. His cock hardened, straining against the tight material of his jeans. That was when she dropped her hands and turned so she was facing him. Splaying her hands across his chest, she looked up at him with catlike eyes. “You’re here to please me, darlin’. I want you to touch me. I want you to take me. Do you think you’re man enough to do that.”

Every nerve in his body came to life and he let out a low, deep growl. From the first moment he saw her, this was all he could think about; taking her, tasting her, fucking her on every surface, in every position possible. Now there she was, practically demanding it from him. His eyes darkened, but he took a step back. Something about this wasn’t right. She was a married woman, he couldn’t do this.

When he took a step away from her, Coralee tilted her head to the side then grabbed hold of the sash that was holding her robe together. With one gentle tug, the material parted, exposing her pale, naked skin. With a shrug, the robe fell off her shoulders to pool around her feet. Justin was pretty sure every rational thought in his head vanished at the sight of her naked body. What he imagined in his dreams was nothing compared to the reality of it. His feet couldn’t seem to move though. He was bound to the floor by an invisible force, unable to move back to her. All he could do was stare. Take in every freckle, every curve. Imagine what her skin would feel like beneath his hands. When his eyes finally made it back to her face, he saw the frown that pulled at her lips.

“Apparently I chose wrong. It’s ashame too, we could have had fun together.” Turning from him, as if dismissing him, she walked naked onto the balcony. “I’m sure I can find someone that is willing to fuck me.”

The harshness of her words snapped him out of his stupor. What was wrong with him? This woman was offering herself to him. Offering him the most incredible gift spread out before him and all he could do was stand there like an idiot. He wasn’t a novice when it came to sex by any means. He knew how to please a female. Knew how to make her scream and writhe beneath him. Letting out a strangle snarl, he approached her with purpose. When he drew nearer, he grabbed onto her hips, forcing her back against him.

“The only one that will be fucking you, Coralee, is me.” Something came over him then. A need that practically saturated every inch of him. His hand slipped down between her legs and he cupped her sex possessively. It was obvious that her husband didn’t know how to satisfy his woman. He was going to show her what it was like to be well and thoroughly fuck.

His other hand moved to her breast where he squeezed it tight, causing her to squeak in surprise. Sliding his knee between her legs, he forced her thighs apart. He want her spread out wide. Wanted anyone who was out there in the night to see what he was doing to her. Justin hoped that Jefferson was out there somewhere watching. Gliding his fingers between her folds, he stroked her, enjoying the way her body pressed back against him and started to rub like a cat.

“That’s it, darlin’. Touch me.”

Coralee was in heaven. The rough pads of his fingers rubbing against her sex was like a jolt of pure white heat rushing through her veins. She wanted more though. Wanted to feel those long fingers pressed inside her, fucking her until she forgot her name. Forgot his. Turning her head, she licked her tongue along his neck; the salty, masculine taste causing her to purr.

Without warning, she was turned around, and his mouth was descending on her. His lips were soft, but punishing when he claimed her lips. There was a desperation in his kiss. A need that sent her head spinning. Coralee parted her lips. The moment she did, his tongue invaded her mouth. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled herself closer, their tongues now battling in the most erotic of duels. He tasted of man, of sin, of forgotten fantasies that she planned on living out over the next eight nights. Feeling his hands on her ass, she wiggled closer, spreading her legs wider in hopes he would touch her again. He didn’t disappoint. His fingers moved between her legs, and he pressed the tip against her entrance. He didn’t enter her though, just played until she was shaking with need.

When his hand disappeared, she whimpered at the loss. But soon she found herself being lifted up, her legs automatically wrapping around his waist. The rough material of his jeans glided across her pussy as she rocked against him, making her wetter and ready for him. She wanted him naked. Wanted him inside her.

“I need to taste all of you.” His words were rough against her mouth and soon the softness of her mattress was against her back. She arched her body up, rubbing and pleading for him to touch her. Lips finally releasing hers, moving over her jaw, down her neck and further until his mouth suctioned over her nipple.

A gasp left her lips when teeth bit down hard. The sudden sting of pain thrilled her, but it was gone too soon. The loss didn’t last, not when she felt his lips trail across her stomach. Lifting her head, and resting back on her elbows, she watched as he moved sinfully down her body. He didn’t take her in his mouth as she expecting him too. Instead, he left the bed, leaving her aching. She needed to be touched. She needed to be fucked. What on earth was he doing?

All thoughts stopped as he started to remove his clothes. Her stableboy was every bit as sexy as she remembered him to be. When he was naked, standing before her, she let her eyes linger over every hard edge, and smooth muscle. The bed shifted under her when he joined her again, causing her heart to speed up.

“I planned on taking you into my mouth,” Justin said as he started to move up her body. “Planned on licking and tasting every inch of your pussy. Finding out how sweet you were, then doing it again. And again.”

Coralee visibly shook at his words. The image of him between her parted thighs, licking and sucking had her growing wetter and hotter by the second.

“Instead,” he continued, “I’m going to fuck you. I can’t wait to be nestle inside you. Feeling how hot and wet you are.”

“Yes,” she breathed. It was the only word she could say. The feel of his cock rubbing against her made her spread her legs wider, her hips to rock up.

“You want me to fuck you, Coralee?” The head of his cock nudge at her entrance. “Do you want me to take you so hard that you can no longer remember who you are?” He slid in a little further, stretching her in the most, sweet, exotic way.

She had no idea where his bravado had come from, but she didn’t care. “Yes!” She screamed, rocking her hips up hard at the same time he slammed into her. Her body arched, arms wrapping around him as he started to fuck her. His hand slipped under her knee and he brought her leg up, changing the angle, bringing him even deeper inside. There was no way to describe what she was feeling. The wickedness of fucking another man. The erotic way his scent washed over her. The hard, mind-numbing way he was taking her.

“Fuck, Coralee. You feel like silk.” He slammed into her again, causing the bed to start shaking. “Perfect.” Lips moved closer to her ear. “So damn perfect.”

Nails scrapped against his back. The sound of their bodies coming together almost violently filled the room. Part of her wondered if Jefferson could hear her screams of pleasure. He was the reason she was doing this. He was the reason another man was on top of bringing her so close to orgasm.

“Don’t stop. More, Justin. Give me more.” He obliged her, pulling out only long enough to flip her onto her stomach, and draw her up. His hands gripped her hips hard, then he was inside her again. Fucking her from behind with a force that told her he was lost in bliss. When his hand snaked around her and his fingers found her clit, she screamed. A sensation that she hadn’t experienced in far too long started to work it’s way through her. It slammed into her so hard, she could no longer move. Her body was arched, hand fisted in the mattress, and she was flying. Somehow she managed to look towards the balcony, and right before her head swam with the most incredible sensation, she could have sworn she saw Jefferson staring back at her.

Seven more nights, dear husband. Seven more nights.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Sultan and the Beggar pt. 3

The sheets were a crumpled jigsaw puzzle of copper and flesh; her hair was suspended above her head in a free fall. The bed came to life, breathing in new air pulling, twisting, and stretching as Danielle rose, alone. Wrapping the sheets around her in a goddess toga, Danielle walked around the room, peaked into the master bathroom, and started for the hallway when the door swung open. It was Benjamin.
                "Ms. Danielle, David had an emergency meeting he had to attend to this morning. He asked me to wash your clothes, I'm certain you have another outfit in th-"
                 "Bullshit" Danielle was glaring at him with her scrutinizing eyes, he was lying, she could tell.  "As his personal assistant I would know immediately if there was a need for an emergency meeting."
                He swallowed, he was hiding something. "That man last night, was not David was he?” Her eyes interrogated him.
                Benjamin took a step back, grabbing the door handle for stability his arm was shaking.
                “When Margaret insisted that she be let in to retrieve a few personal affects I was curious as to how he would handle the situation.  I had assumed that he would welcome her back in his home and be begging her to not divorce him.  But that man last night wasn’t confused, he wasn’t even attracted to her.. Then, what he said, to me….Who is he Ben?" Danielle demanded.
                Benjamin sighed and looked down.  "Yes, ma'm. The man you bed last night was indeed not David. His name is Christopher and he works in the mailroom."
"Did he have surgery? Is he in on it?" She interrogated.
"No madam, Christopher has no idea in fact he may believe it was all a dream by now, at least when he finally wakes up."
"You drugged him?" She raised an eyebrow, "Benjamin I didn't think you had the strength."
Benjamin straightened himself and stood erect, I may be older than Master David but when I was younger I was not so weak or idle.
       "I bet," Danielle looked Benjamin in the eyes and licked her lips.  Lifting her arms up slightly Danielle allowed the sheets to fall down the sides of her round hips. She watched as Benjamin's took in the sight of her naked body. Danielle placed her hands on his chest, moving them up and down his torso. "My my, it seems you ARE keeping yourself fit, let's see if you are just as virile down below." Her hands moved down to his pants and began unbuckling.
     "Ms. Danielle, please this is most inappropriate." 
Danielle moved quickly, "I have a plan that you are going to help with and this is going to be my insurance that it doesn't fail." Soon his member was extended out from beneath his boxers with Danielle’s mouth coursing up and down the shaft.

It was a dream, all a dream, No, A hallucination. Christopher had felt like crying still, but the grogginess his head had felt when he woke up kept him from having the motor skills to produce tears, or so it felt. Now he felt like killing himself, he was too depressed to cry. It was all there, he felt it. It was all real. He was successful he had a huge mansion with a butler and could go do anything he wanted regardless of price. Ok so sure he had a horrible ex-wife but from her looks she seemed like a gold digger anyways so at least there was a light at the end of the tunnel. No, not a light it was a halo. A halo that was resting on the head of an angel named Danielle. Christopher swore he could still feel the pressure of her body against his if he hadn't felt so damn groggy. He closed his eyes hoping that if he could concentrate enough he could still smell her perfume, not the beautiful scented one she bought at Dillard’s but the one she made herself between her legs when he licked the soft tissue of her folds. The aroma encased his senses bringing his member stiff again. Reaching around to grab it he intended to make love to her memory even if she was only a dream. His breath shortened, he could hear her breathing heavily in his ear and pretended she was bouncing on him squeezing him with her full hips. “If you’d like I can help with that, I’m awake now” whispered a soft voice. 
                Christopher’s eyes flew open, turning his head to the woman next to him and began yelling. Her face went from a seductive smile to concern, “dear, what’s wrong, what’s wrong?”  Standing up he smacked himself in the face.  “You’re real, you’re real”
                “Yes, yes of course I’m real. Why wouldn’t I be?” Danielle replied.
                “N-No, yesterday you didn’t exist, yesterday I was in my apartment all day, yesterday I-“  “you drank yourself into a stupor and dreamed you were back in college again.” Danielle finished his sentence. “Come, get back into bed and allow me to remove the stress you’ve been feeling. The visit from your ex-wife took a harder toll on you than you realized.” Christopher’s eyes focused and found himself standing naked next to his bed with the sexy Danielle also nude with her beautiful round derriere in plain sight. Her breasts pressed between her arms as she leaned on the bed. His cock grew hard again. The stupid grin of a teenage boy washed upon his face as he climbed into bed firmly pushing Danielle backwards while she giggled.

                Danielle escorted Christopher to work, assisting him in his meetings, holding conferences and making phone calls. At first Christopher felt like a fish out of water. But when Danielle came over grabbed his butt cheek and squeezed with her devilish smile, all worry drained from him. He was a star; he made decisions about the direction of projects, made important changes to company policy and greeted nearly every employee in his building with a handshake.  Christopher was walking on cloud 9 when he walked into his office for an afternoon coffee, and she walked in. Slamming the door behind her and closing some blinds, his ex wife was still stuck on bitch mode.
                Well?” she looked at him with her arms folded, no longer wearing the fiery red suit she kneed him with, but a beige one instead. The only thing that hadn’t changed was the woman inside the clothes and the scowl on her face.  Christopher cleared his throat; at least by sitting behind his desk his friends were protected.
                “Listen,” he said. ”I can’t explain my actions or justify them but I want you to know I’m willing to work with you on this every step from here on out. I’ve obviously hurt you and I don’t want this war to go on any longer.” He looked her in the eyes; her jaw seemed to be dropping as she was frozen with her ruby lips slightly parted.
                “I see” She placed a hand on one hip, “David I, I just don’t understand you, One day you’re singing praises of getting back together, then you sell off anything that had sentimental value to me, like you’re specifically trying to hurt me and now you’re all apologetic and even respectful. What’s gotten into you?”
              “I’m not sure myself, but I have been told that I’ve been having memory problems, I might even have gotten a case of amnesia” He told her the truth, there was no reason to hold back. 
                “I see.” Her words were thoughtful. “So then you don’t know the reason behind this divorce?”
Christopher nodded, “I can only surmise that I must have really hurt you beyond repair.  I hope that perhaps we can part on amicable ways and start over.” 
                She looked pale. Christopher got up and walked around the desk, helping her to the couch. “Listen Margaret, I understa-“ 
                “Shut up” she demanded, “You have no idea how much trouble you have caused me over these last few years and now you lose your memories and become this perfect stranger with a blank slate? Do you think that’s at all fair?”
                “I’m sorry, if there is anything I can do to help you I will. Listen, Margaret, you are in a lot of pain, There’s got to be something that you are wanting that I could help with, counseling maybe…” she surprised him by laying her head on his shoulder. A muffle came from his shirt. “What?”
                “A child, you imbecile, I want is a child. That’s what this whole divorce is about.” Margaret began to silently cry on his shoulder as he sat in shock. Thinking for a few minutes Christopher stood up and began closing more blinds. Walking over to Margaret he grabbed her shoulders and stood her up. Looking deeply into her eyes he said, “I will give you a child but you must promise me you will keep it a secret and not tell anyone.”
                “But how, you’re-“ ,Margaret paused mid sentence when Christopher placed his finger on her lips.
                “However you knew me before, I want you to pretend that I am another man. Think of me as someone new who isn’t that asshole man you’d been married to for years. I can give you a child and you shall have one. Agreed?”
Margaret nodded her head in agreement. Christopher kissed her. He kissed her passionately and imagined she was Danielle, a smaller petite Danielle but the same woman he was falling in love with. He moved her over to his desk and pulled off her jacket. Kissing down her neck he unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall too. Moving his hands to her chest he grabbed her round breasts, they were small yet full for a woman of her age but having never had kids they were still prepped to reproduce. He slipped one out and placed the nipple squarely in his mouth pinching it between his teeth he heard a squeal. Christopher moved his head next to hers and whispered in a husky tone, “Unless you want to go back on our deal I suggest you keep it quiet, I don’t need the busy ears of my secretary listening to our activities.” She nodded her head and whimpered in agreement.
                Christopher resumed his course by grabbing her ass and pressing his hard cock against her legs. Sliding his hand down her thigh and back up again pulling her skirt up with it he kissed her collarbone up to her neck and behind her ear. He placed his finger to the side of her panty line and slid it inside her, Margaret muffled her groan. Sliding his finger inside made her wetter, she began dripping down his fist when he placed his cock at the mouth of her pussy. Christopher grabbed her hips and shoved himself inside as she enveloped around his stiff member. He thrusted himself as he went all the way in each time. Faster and faster he pumped himself inside making the woman in front of him squeal in whispered tones. Holding off just a few seconds more, Christopher waited until he heard it, the colliding groans letting him know she was coming and let himself go. His semen erupted inside her walls and filled her vagina.